Don Kelley’s electrical engineering career has spanned over 30 years in manufacturing ranging from hearing aid transducers, semiconductors, robotic pick and press machines, as well as emergency telephones. So it makes perfect sense for him to start a manufacturing company to keep the winning streak going. OKPHONE was born out of a desire to service two segments of the telephony world, the 4WIRE AUDIO MARKET and the 2WIRE MEDICAL ALERT MARKET.

4-Wire Telephone Systems or Multipoint conferencing telephony is a legacy product that EMERGENCY MANAGERS nationwide have enjoyed for many decades. Nuclear Emergency Warning, Stockbrokers in the Financial district, Armed Forces, as well as the many federal agencies such as the FAA, have also benefited from this kind of audio connection. The NAtional WArning System (NAWAS) uses the 4WIRE AUDIO technology to connect thousands of EOF’s, Police/Sheriff Departments and federal agencies together. The National Weather Service also depends on 4WIRE AUDIO to connect its emergency operations centers as a part of the Hurricane Hotline. Private "hoot n holler" and "shout-down" circuits keep large and small groups of people connected 24/7 365 days a year.

It is true that new transmission technology such as VOIP, radio, or satellite may gradually replace the ANALOG 4WIRE world to a DIGITAL solution. However, until the last 4WIRE customer transitions from ANALOG to DIGITAL, OKPHONE stands ready to provide the telephone equipment to keep the ANALOG world connected.



As our nation faces a growing population of baby boomers that are gracefully aging, it again makes perfect sense to provide a SMART ALERT PHONE that can be used to contact loved ones and/or friends in the event of an emergency. OKPHONE is developing a 2Wire SMART ALERT TERMINAL that is capable of receiving RF signals from motion sensors, key fobs, and other environmental sensors, and autodialing a family member/friend with that information. What will set apart OKPHONE from the competition will be the ability of the SMART ALERT TERMINAL to not only AUTO DIAL, but to AUTO ANSWER as well. It is true that the customer will have to purchase the SMART ALERT TERMINAL, but unlike the competition, OKPHONE will “buy-back” the terminal within 3 years of its sale, if the unit is returned in working order.

Whether 4WIRE AUDIO MARKET or MEDICAL ALERT MARKET, OKPHONE backs all their products with a 2 Year Warranty for parts and labor, and will always be manufactured right here in the USA.

NEWS FLASH !!! OKphone now offers 4 year warranty plans, call for details 321-243-9501

4-wire telephone systems, YES we can.... build it right here in America!




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